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Battlefield Simulation
Battlefield Simulation

Here at ATFx we specialise in battlefield simulation. Be it for an airsoft event or a show we have the effect you

Film and Television
Film FX

We have a wealth of experience at working and designing effects for television and films.

FX Support Services
IT Services

At ATFx we offer a vast array of support to the entire FX industry

Welcome ATFx

We at ATFx are specialists in the arena of special effects. We have made a name for ourselves for producing spectacular effects for all manner of media, from live action events through to feature films. Our highly experienced staff are committed to providing the highest level of service and professionalism at all times. We pride ourselves in our reputation to provide cost effective solutions to all our clients that always meet the requirements. We are the market leader when it comes to LRP effects, where our credits and client base speak for themselves. We have enabled the fantasy worlds of magic, from film and books, to come to life with our innovative effects.

Pyrotechnic and FX Services

Our expertise does not end there. Along side this work we continue to add atmosphere to corporate videos, museum displays and stage shows. We have recently been commissioned to work on a full feature film, where are reputation for cost effectiveness, working within tight time scales and above all quality made ATFx the natural choice.

Show and Events

Specialist in show event effects.

Film and TV

Over 10 years experience within Film and TV Fx

Design and Testing

ATFx has a proven track record in designing and testing throughout the Fx industry

IT Support

Comprehensive information technology solutions for the FX Industry from firing boxes to integrated back end systems


Why choose ATFx for you pyrotechnics?

Every ATFx event or effect is customised and tailored to your exact requirement
Our years of experience will bring the best possible "bang for your buck"
All our staff receive the very best training to make sure that events go as smoothly as possible
We are trusted partners within the industry as a whole and as such we have access to the very latest equipment and expertise
For all us at ATFx, Fx isn't just a job, it is a passion. We will push ourselves to make whatever service you choose from us be the very best it can be.
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